Supplier Guideline

A Supplier Guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility: Striving for Better

We all have some work to do in becoming an organization our parents, kids, communities, customers and employees are consistently proud of. We crafted these guidelines as a manifesto of sorts with suppliers in mind as a template for organizations who are also striving for better.

The Four Pillars of Promo Cares

There are four key areas that touch on our industry and they serve as a great framework to map out your own approach to doing better.

Overwhelmed? You don't need to be, like any good journey, it all starts with your first step.


Getting Started

There are two things we recommend everyone does, regardless of whether you are a distributor or a supplier.

STEP ONE: Make Corporate Social Responsibility Part of Your Company's DNA.


STEP TWO: Take stock of what you're already doing.



The Four Pillars of Promo Cares - What Do We Mean?


1. Responsible Sourcing: Voting with Our Supply Chain Dollars



2. Give Back: Philanthropy & Corporate Citizenship



3. Environmental Responsibility: Reduce your Environmental Footprint

Arctic Water


4. Creating a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Environment


We hope this template inspires you and your organization to consider how your company can make a meaningful impact on the world by being both profitable and altruistic.


If you’re interested in developing a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, here are additional resources for your consideration:


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