[Archived] supplier certification

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Certified PromoCares Supplier! Certifying as a PromoCares Supplier goes beyond just giving back--it means you are serious about being a part of a community that is:

  • Leading and inspiring a movement within the promotional products industry
  • Building relationships with other suppliers and distributors that care about giving back
  • Amplifying your give-back strategy while allowing distributors to leverage your efforts as a differentiating sales tool that empowers end buyers to support community with their dollars
  • Attracting and retaining talent that wants to work at a mission-aligned organization that makes the world a better place
  • Improving the social impact you’re making on the world

Please complete this assessment to tell us more about how your organization gives back. We will review your application and let you know if you meet our give back requirements to become a Certified PromoCares Supplier.

Get Certified

Company-Level Criteria

A material portion of assets are donated to charitable causes in any combination of the following ways:

  • Minimum of 1% of revenue donated in cash.
  • Minimum of 1% of revenue equivalent dollars in product donated (at cost; not retail).
  • Minimum of 5% of net profit before tax donated in cash.
  • Minimum of 1% of staff’s time volunteered.
  • 10% or more of total positions are filled by individuals with special needs.

Product-Level Criteria

  • Minimum 5% cash donation as a percent of gross sale.
  • Minimum 10% in-kind donation as a percent of gross sale or of calendar year inventory.