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PromoCares continues to shine a bright light on suppliers and products associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR). We have made the careful decision to put our certification program on hold indefinitely. While we may revisit certification when we can sustain the program with essential resources, we are excited to share all of your CSR stories and create a halo effect for the promotional products industry.

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If you have specific products associated with giving back, we also encourage you to contract your account representatives the following platforms so that they can make it easier for distributors to find those products.

  • Commonsku
  • DistributorCentral
  • PromoHunt
  • SAGE (Watch Video)

The work you do in this area matters. To your staff, your communities, the environment, your customers and likely, your bottom line.




Certifying as a PromoCares Supplier goes beyond just giving back--it means you are serious about being a part of a community that is:

  • Leading and inspiring a movement within the promotional products industry
  • Building relationships with other suppliers and distributors that care about giving back
  • Amplifying your give-back strategy while allowing distributors to leverage your efforts as a differentiating sales tool that empowers end buyers to support community with their dollars
  • Attracting and retaining talent that wants to work at a mission-aligned organization that makes the world a better place
  • Improving the social impact you’re making on the world.

Certification or not, we hope you will continue to develop a strong CSR initiative and strategies for your business. We’d love to hear about them at