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Roger Burnett, Founder, Social Good Promotions

My Dad said "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" I didn't figure out what I loved until recently; using my knowledge, experience, and expertise to make a difference in both the for-profit and non-profit community simultaneously, all the while creating memorable experiences for those who come along for the ride.

Favorite Causes:

Karie Cowden, President and Founder at Connect the Dots Promotions

I will teach you how to spell "Tchotchke" and why our channel of advertising is not "geegaws, knickknacks, baubles, laniappes, or trinkets and trash." Remember, when you are feeling bad about yourself, go do something nice for someone else.

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Meg Erber, S&S Activewear

I like long walks on the beach and ripping people’s arms off. I’m 89% Scottish and a United States Navy Veteran. I love a good T-shirt, salted caramel mocha in my coffee, hot yoga and Brazilian jiu jitsu. I am a huge advocate for women’s self-defense in our industry and hope to raise awareness by empowering like-minded women to learn self-defense, self-awareness and confidence in themselves through the art of jiu jitsu and yoga. During my “9-5”, I work for S&S Activewear that embraces AND supports my big personality!

Favorite Causes:

Danny Rosin, co-President/Founder of Brand Fuel and Band Together

Mary Oliver, the poet, implied that we are all ingredients of an extraordinary, beautiful world. So, what are we going to do about it? I think the verb "help" is underemployed. So, let's connect. Through business, philanthropy, music, marketing, community, life experiences... It would be a privilege to help you or your organization stand a little taller.

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Mandi Rudd, Owner, Brand Energy Marketing

Boy mom. Rescue dog mom. Volunteer. Advocate. Helper. I see the inherent good in people.

Credos: Smile & say hello to strangers. Help others. The left lane is for passing cars; please don't dwell there. Choose joy, fun socks, good music & never lose your sense of humor.

Favorite Causes:

David Shultz, VP Supplier Partnerships, commonsku

Promo techie, proud skummunity member, retired IRONMAN triathlete, love of mountains and beaches, pretend rock star on the weekends. Love working to streamline inefficiencies in our industry and connecting people, ideas, causes and chuckles.

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Denise Taschereau, Co-founder of Fairware

I am passionate about the role of business in driving social and environmental change and love the rabble rousing that comes with that. A credo to live by? "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Favorite Causes: I'm a huge fan of the work we're doing with the B Corp Climate Collective and equally inspired by the work done by the Dismantle Collective. Any organization driving change at a policy level on climate and racial justice work is a friend of mine.

Tony Wavering, Founder of PromoHunt and bidPress

Dad of Paul. I love helping others, efficiency, adventure, mountain biking, and strong coffee. Paid for college by selling rare beanie babies.

Favorite Cause: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I'm particularly inspired by their impact on reducing infectious disease and child mortality, as well as their clean water and sanitation initiatives.